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Wittrup Seafood A/S packs and processes fresh blue mussels for export and retail. The company yearly produces about 4000 tons of mussels and occupies about 30 employees. Wittrup Seafood A/S is mainly self-sufficient in mussels.  The company commands a fleet of 4 ships and has fishing licenses for the Isefjord on Zealand and the East coast of Jutland. Through a salesoffice in Holland the majority of the mussels from Wittrup Seafood A/S are exported to large retail chains in Europe, the rest is sold to Danish fishmongers and restaurants. Wittrup Seafood A/S is located at the end of Horsens’ harbour. The mussels can be unloaded directly on the dock.

Wittrup Seafood A/S was founded in 1989 by the two brothers Stig and Rasmus Wittrup. Today the company is one of the largest suppliers of fresh mussels in Denmark.

Wittrup Seafood – Shellfish within reach.

MSC Certificering


IFS Certificering


The mussels from Wittrup Seafood A/S are MSC certified. This means that the fishing is sustainable using the most gentle methods to ensure that the sea bottom and environment is affected the least.


Wittrup seafood A/S is also IFS certified. IFS means International Food standard which besides food safety also make demands of the company’s design, hygiene standards, education and training.


At Wittrup Seafood A/S both production and products are subject to the strictest quality and environmental requirements in the EU.








MSC Certificering
IFS Certificering

Investment in an Innovative Process for better use of Raw Materials

The purpose of the project is to ensure that customers receive a consistent product of the best quality and make the company more environmentally friendly by reducing the environmental impact of transport.


The funding is provided by: European Union, European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, and Environment and Food Ministry.

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